Escaped inmate steals fire truck, captured

Adam Holder escaped from a correctional facility sometime after midnight, broke into a fire station and stole a brush truck

BOLEY, Okla. — An inmate escaped, broke into a fire department and stole a fire truck early Wednesday morning.

KFOR reported that Adam Holder escaped from the John H.L. Lilley correctional facility in Boley sometime after midnight. He was serving time for concealing stolen property, possession of a stolen vehicle, auto theft and second-degree burglary.

Authorities said he then broke into the Boley Fire Department and stole a 2009 red Ford brush truck. Holder and the fire truck were spotted on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike headed toward the Missouri border, according to the report.

Photo KFOR
Photo KFOR

Wednesday afternoon a civilian spotted the stolen fire truck at the Kansas-Missouri state line and notified police. Police recaptured Holder without incident; the truck was returned to Oklahoma. 

Officials say Holder went through a toll gate and told the attendant he was delivering the fire truck to a fire department in Missouri, according to the report. The attendant became suspicious and notified police.

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