Brush blaze traps, destroys 2 fire trucks

Firefighters were inside the fire area when the wind suddenly shifted and the fast-moving flames overcame the vehicles


SALEM COUNTY, N.J. — Several firefighters suffered heat exhaustion as they battled a brush fire in New Jersey Sunday.

The flames also destroyed two emergency vehicles near Grieves Parkway and South Front Street in Salem City.

Officials say more than 20 acres of wetlands have been burned. Experts say the tall thin grass called Phragmites can burn ferociously. "It spread across the Phragmites toward an apartment complex on Oak Street," said John Turner, Salem County Fire Marshal. "The fire consumed approximately 20 to 25 acres unofficially." Wind carried embers that ignited stacked firewood in a neighboring yard. Firefights had to douse the flames multiple times.

Full story: Firefighters battle brush fire in Salem County

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