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Woman arrested after stealing Utah fire truck

The woman abandoned the rig in a parking lot and walked into a Walgreens to tell an employee a fire truck had been stolen

By FireRescue1 Staff

KEARNS, Utah — Police arrested a woman after she stole an idling fire truck and abandoned it in a parking lot Thursday. 

The fire truck was stolen from outside a convenience store by 39-year-old Amber Welker. Officials said the truck was found down the street from where it was stolen, reported KUTV.

Welker abandoned the truck in a parking lot, and walked into a Walgreens to tell an employee a fire truck had been stolen. Authorities apprehended Welker shortly after; she is in custody and cooperating with police.  

“It was driven over a couple curbs, I suspect she doesn’t know hot to drive a vehicle of this size,” detective Ken Hansen told KSL. “I’ve seen police cars stolen, I’ve seen ambulances stolen, but this is my first time I’ve ever seen a fire truck taken.”

The Unified Fire Authority said it is standard procedure to keep a fire truck running during the winter in order to keep fire hoses warm enough to function. 

The fire truck did not sustain any damage during the incident. 

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