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Man steals fire truck, almost crashes into river

Police said Nathan Stottler stole the truck while firefighters were doing an inspection inside a business

By FireRescue1 Staff

HAMPTON, Ill. — A new fire truck sustained damage after a thief almost crashed it into the Mississippi River.

KWQC reported that Nathan Stottler stole the truck after firefighters parked it to do an inspection inside of a business.

"First time in 24 years that someone has stolen a fire truck,” East Moline Police Captain Tom Reagan said.

Stottler jumped into the river after crashing the truck to avoid arrest, according to police. He was fished out and transported to a hospital, and will be taken to jail after he is treated.

"We've had some different calls before, but I really didn't think we'd have one like this,” Hampton Fire Chief Dave Johnson said.

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