Calif. fire truck get stuck in sinkhole

Three firefighters on board were uninjured; El Nino-driven rain storms are likely to blame

POWAY, Calif. — A fire truck got stuck after a sinkhole opened up underneath it Monday afternoon.

NBC San Diego reported that the rig, with three firefighters on board, got stuck during rush hour traffic. The firefighters in the rig were not injured.

A tow truck eventually pulled the engine out of the pit.

"I can't remember in my 13 years here and I was asking my fire chief, who's been with the department for 40 years, and he can't recall a fire engine going through a sinkhole," said Poway Fire Department Division Chief Jon Canavan. "But with all this weather right now and all this rain, we're not surprised."

El Nino-driven storms dumped heavy rains on the area last week. The sinkhole opened up around a storm drain engineers say is at least 10 years old.

City crews had the road repaired by Monday night.

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