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Platinum Educational Group Launches Skills Tracking App

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – Platinum Educational Group, the Testing, Scheduling, and Skills Tracking Experts, has launched their first mobile app. This mobile app offers all the features of the full website from the student experience of PlatinumPlanner.com. PlatinumPlanner.com was released in 2012 and was created with the goal of bringing students, instructors, preceptors, school administrators, and clinical sites together for stress free scheduling, reporting, and skills tracking. PlatinumPlanner.com started with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and has evolved to offer scheduling and skill tracking for the Nursing and Allied Health fields.

The Platinum Planner mobile app can be found by going to the Apple Store or Google Play Store on a device and searching for “Platinum Planner.” Students are able to input their information no matter where they are and have their information sync up when internet is available - perfect for hospital or lab settings where internet is sketchy or not available at all.  

Other features that the Platinum Planner mobile app offers students include:

  • View, sign up, and create clinical or lab opportunities
  • View current classes along with details
  • Upload and attach images from mobile device cameras
  • View progress reports and overall skill status
  • View upcoming labs, document current labs, or review documentation from completed labs


  • Sign up for any additional classes available for a student’s course
  • Complete any and all forms necessary


  • And much more

“We are tremendously excited to offer this mobile app to our customers. Other companies have spent years trying to create this platform and have not succeeded” indicated Platinum’s CEO and co-founder Doug Smith. He also stated, “It may be even more years before anyone else can duplicate our Platinum Planner app. So, why wait when you can have it all now?”

For further information, contact Platinum Educational Group’s Director of Marketing, at marketing@platinumed.com or go directly to www.platinumed.com


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