“Fire Department budgets are under tremendous strains and scrutiny”, said First Bankers President John Hill, “and we put a lot of information into a little package.  They can use this free information to save thousands of dollars.”
The Fire Truck Financing Kit provides best practices, common mistakes, answers to frequent questions, and money saving ideas when financing a fire truck.
The 10 minute/$10,000 Phone Call is a short 10 minute call where fire departments learn what information to request from lenders to make choosing the best deal easier and to know how to save money, typically $10,000 on a $300,000 truck.
“We continue to provide unique and helpful information to assist fire departments during these tough budgetary times”, says Hill.
Both tools are easily found from the First Bankers website home page.
The website address is www.FirstBankers.net and follow the links for the Kit or the Call.
More information about First Bankers is available at www.FirstBankers.net
First Bankers Corporation, established in 1999, is an Indianapolis, IN-based firm specializing in financing for fire departments.

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