Smeal Delivers Four Fire Apparatus with SG-09® GREEN POWER Technology to the City of Markham, Ontario

Smeal’s Exclusive SG-09® GREEN POWER Technology is an idle-reduction system that reduces fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs

Snyder, NB - Smeal Fire Apparatus Co., a leading fire and rescue apparatus manufacturer, has delivered four fire apparatus equipped with Smeal’s SG-09® GREEN POWER Technology to the City of Markham, Ontario. Smeal’s dealer, Safetek Emergency Vehicles, sold and delivered the order, which includes three Smeal custom pumpers and one 105-foot, heavy-duty aerial ladder.

"Our exclusive SG-09 GREEN POWER technology is becoming a popular option with fire departments that are focused on fuel savings and emissions reduction. It's uniquely designed to significantly reduce both carbon emissions and operating costs while increasing the lifecycle of the main chassis engine," said Jeff Wegner, Smeal's Vice President - Sales. "Recent studies have shown that this technology can help reduce carbon emissions by up to 13% and save an average 11% in fuel costs each year."

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The SG-09 GREEN POWER idle-reduction system uses an auxiliary power unit to provide electrical power and heating and cooling via an independent HVAC system without the need to idle the main chassis engine. "Since busy departments typically spend 55 to 85 percent of their fire apparatus operating time at idle, this system reduces fuel consumption, lowers maintenance costs and operating hours for the chassis engine," explained Wayne Stevens, Vice President of Safetek.

Once the chassis parking brake is set, and following a pre-set idle period, the SG-09 GREEN POWER system automatically shuts down the main chassis engine and activates an auxiliary power unit (APU) without any interruption of power, heating and cooling. In addition, it constantly monitors the water pump and PTO to ensure there is no interruption on scene. The system can also be started manually for additional DC and/or AC power. This system features a Caterpillar C1.5, 3-cylinder diesel engine that outputs 24 horsepower, a diesel-powered generator with 9kW continuous, and a 270 amp Leece Neville alternator.

For Markham Fire & Emergency Services, which serves more than 310,000 residents, choosing fire apparatus with GREEN POWER technology aligned with the City of Markham’s Greenprint Sustainability Plan and financial sustainability goals.

"If we can be good stewards of the environment, while at the same time having a more beneficial economic outlook with the operating costs reduced, we’re very happy to have that," said Phil Alexander, Deputy Fire Chief with Markham Fire & Emergency Services.

The Smeal pumpers, built on Spartan® Metro Star® chassis, feature a 450-horspower Cummins ISL engine, 10" raised roof, Smeal QL-12 peer-to-peer multiplex electrical system, Hale Q-Max 1500-gpm single-stage pump, FoamPro 2002 dual-agent foam system, and 500-gallon water tank, in addition to the SG-09 GREEN POWER system.

The 105-foot heavy-duty aerial, built on a Spartan Gladiator® chassis, is equipped with a Cummins ISX15 550-horsepower engine, 5" raised roof, Hale Q-Max 1500 gpm single-stage pump, FoamPro 2002 dualagent foam system, and GREEN POWER technology. The aerial ladder is constructed of 100,000-psi steel and features Smeal’s exclusive AL-11 aerial monitoring system, Fire Truck Leveling Assist (FTL), positional waterway, "creeper" controls at the tip, and six-function remote control for the monitor.

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