Spartan Emergency Response Showcases State-of-the-Art Aerial and Safety Features on Trucks Displayed at Firehouse Expo

CHARLOTTE, Mich., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spartan Emergency Response ("Spartan"), a business unit of Spartan Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPAR), last week exhibited three trucks at the Firehouse Expo, in Baltimore, MD, to showcase its game-changing Advanced Protection System® (APS) safety apparatus, leading aerial performance capabilities, and its Advanced Climate Control functionality, which sets a new HVAC performance standard for the industry.

While tradeshow attendance traditionally wanes in the summer months, Firehouse Expo's firefighter and supporter community packed the exhibit hall, and most notably the Spartan booth. When asked what firefighters, fleet managers, and chiefs are looking for today, as they consider new apparatus, Craig Probst, President of Hendrickson Fire Rescue Equipment said, "Now more than ever, safety and even comfort, to and from the fire are becoming true differentiators. That's why these great conversations are happening right here, and we're proud to be a part of them."

Visitors to the Spartan booth were able to see state-of-the-art safety features and comfort personified in the Incorporated Village of Lynbrook, Hose Company Number 1, Foam Unit.

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Rich Neidecker, Chairman of the Truck Committee and former Chief of the Lynbrook Fire Department speaks to why they chose a Spartan, and why they selected the Hendrickson dealership: "We looked at a number of companies, and as we narrowed down our choices, we took the initiative to travel to the Spartan plants in Ephrata, PA, and Brandon, SD. We were very impressed with the craftsmanship, workmanship, and the quality of the products Spartan builds. Prior to this truck, we worked with Hendrickson to maintain our fleet. Working with both companies to bring the pumper to the department was the right choice."

Approximately 28 gasoline tankers traverse Lynbrook's roadways each hour, with each hauling 10,000 gallons of gasoline. Safety was an imperative. In response, the Lynbrook pumper was configured with:

  • A 150 gallon foam tank, in addition to its 500 gallon water tank,
  • A Hale QMAX 1500 GPM pump,
  • And features Spartan's Advanced Protection System, which boasts industry-first surrounding airbags, an intelligent seat belt system that pulls occupants into the seat in the event of a crash, and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art sensors which communicate back and forth to the restraint control module, directing event-specific airbag deployment, effectively creating a "zone of safety" within the cab.

Additional safety features configured include a pull-out step mounted on the pump house, giving the operator a larger working surface and platform, which increases foothold stability while operating the pump; dual-directional pull-out trays for easy equipment access; and a retractable hose bed cover, which grants safe and expedited access to the hose bed and dunnage area where the foam tank and equipment are located. Even features such as Spartan's Advanced Climate Control were engineered with an eye toward safety, moving air intentionally beyond the windshield to the side glass to aid in visibility.

While eyes were naturally drawn to the Lynbrook truck's striking paint job, the Spartan booth also featured the forward-looking pre-sold cab/chassis, proudly displayed byOhio's Cadiz Fire Department. This 94" Aluminum Metro Star features a Cummins ISL 420 HP engine with an Allison 3000 series 6 speed transmission, 218" wheelbase and a 21" severe duty bumper extension. While clearly built for performance, comfort to and from the fire was not overlooked. The Cadiz truck cab boasts a spacious 10" raised roof over the 8-man seat configuration, which allows for added comfort and safety for the crew, alongside more room for additional equipment storage. It is also equipped with the new Spartan Advanced Climate Control System, and extreme duty interior, to handle the demands of responding to multiple calls in any weather.

Patrick Patton, Mid-Atlantic Regional Business Manager for Spartan Motors, Emergency Response explained, "The Cadiz Fire Department chose Spartan because of our superior durability, safety, and customizable option content that differentiates a Spartan from the rest."

About Spartan Motors

Spartan Motors, Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures specialty chassis, specialty vehicles, truck bodies and aftermarket parts for the recreational vehicle (RV), emergency response, government services, defense, and delivery and service markets. The Company's brand names – Spartan Motors, Spartan Specialty Vehicles, Spartan Emergency Response, Spartan Parts and Accessories, and Utilimaster®, a Spartan Motors Company – are known for quality, performance, service and first-to-market innovation. The Company employs approximately 1,700 associates at facilities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Indiana. Spartan reported sales of $507million in 2014 and is focused on becoming a global leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of specialty vehicles and chassis. Visit Spartan Motors at

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