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Fire Breathing Apparatus News & Articles
The report discusses a range of department issues, such as training and outdated equipment
Simple tools and processes can reduce exposure risk without compromising the fire mission
The high-tech, durable unit is designed for maneuverability and aids communication on scene
Additional testing required by the revised NFPA standard requires facepieces stand up to more heat
Breathing apparatus standards have grown to cover all hazards; here's a look at eight of those to aid your next purchase
This free PDF from FireGrantsHelp and FireRescue1 will give you everything you need for this year's Assistance to Firefighters Grants program
The NIOSH investigation showed that only the first of the two low-air alarms functioned in its test
There were some incredibly innovative firefighting tools introduced this year and an equally incredible amount of work left to do on that front
Not properly testing SCBA face pieces put firefighters in danger now and in years to come
That all new SCBA must be retested will keep them off the market longer
The grant will allow the department to purchase breathing apparatus kits as well as protective clothing
Future advances, purchasing tips and care and maintenance advice are all topics on the table during the SCBA discussion
Regular and thorough inspection is critical to SCBA performance, but so too is the paper trail for that work
We gave readers a chance to weigh in on the worst thing about their SCBA
While training under safe but realistic conditions is certainly important, one FD is showing another way to learn
The fire service converged on Indianapolis last week to train, learn and shop
The facepiece, harness and voice amplifier will meet 2013 NFPA standards
Fire officials say the department is among the first big-city agencies to install the device, called a Lucas 2, into every ambulance
There is a growing body of evidence showing that contaminated air after the fire poses a serious health risk
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