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Fire SCBA News & Articles
The two men were previously arrested last year for impersonating emergency responders
Here's a look at the game-changing products that rolled out in 2016 and an eye toward those hoped for in the coming year
The report discusses a range of department issues, such as training and outdated equipment
The departments will use the funds to purchase upgraded SCBA, which feature a display inside the face mask denoting the amount of remaining air in a tank
Several of the departments will replace their SCBA, some of which are over 10 years old
The trailer has a generator, back up battery power and can fill 5.5 cylinders at once
The high-tech, durable unit is designed for maneuverability and aids communication on scene
Over $400,000 was awarded through the Assistance for Firefighters Grant program
The funds will help the fire department replace aging equipment
Battalion Chief Mark Burns suffered severe smoke inhalation after battling a blaze, leaving his lungs destroyed
The grant allows the dept. to purchase 45 new SCBA units to replace the nearly 15-year-old ones
The firefighter was hospitalized for smoke inhalation after his SCBA mask failed
The design uses 7500 psi to decrease fill times and increase capacity
Wearing a tank throws off your center of gravity, making it more difficult to swing whatever tool you prefer
The in-mask thermal imager hit the market after a year of development
Officials said the units were prone to failure and caused the air supply to deplete in less than one minute
How firefighters can mitigate carcinogen exposure through sound practices like wearing SCBA, cleaning PPE after incidents, and more.
SCBA's ability to ward off external chemicals was greatly enhanced in 2007; now they'll be tested to find out just how good they are
The firefighter climbed a ladder to a burning third-floor apartment to share his mask with the woman; both are being treated for smoke inhalation
The new equipment is part of the department's response to an agreement with Conn-OSHA following the investigation into the death of firefighter Kevin Bell

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