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ISI Announces Latest High-Performance Thermal Imaging Camera

ATLANTA - International Safety Instruments (ISI), has a high-performance thermal imaging camera that produces consistently clearer images than other devices, especially when operating in very high temperature ranges.

The ISI 3500 offers instant-on responsiveness, longer battery life, greater resiliency and simplified operation. In addition, the new model continuously updates the on-screen image at a rate of 30 mhz, enhancing clarity by reducing ghosting.

The new camera's "saturation point" is set at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, drastically reducing the chance of whiteouts when operating in extremely high temperature situations. By comparison, the saturation point for typical thermal imaging cameras is 500 degrees. The ISI 3500 also permits pre-set temperature colorization points at which the image colors change to yellow and red to indicate critical levels of heat.

Thermal imagers use infrared detection to convert thermal radiation into video images. Initially used by firefighters solely to "see through smoke," ISI's thermal imagers now provide valuable, time-saving information for rapid scene analysis to find hidden fires, structural degradation, hazardous environmental conditions and high spot temperatures.

"This unit sets a new industry standard for image quality. And, it is operational in three seconds," said Tim McDonald, ISI thermal imaging product manager. "These cameras need no standby mode to be instantly available or to extend battery life, which is a real advantage to the firefighter sizing up a scene under time pressure." The rechargeable battery is designed to operate a minimum of four hours, thus eliminating the need to change batteries while at the fire scene. Moreover, it includes the industry's only diagnostic battery charger, assuring the firefighter that the battery is in good working condition while fully charging the cell in under two hours.

Significantly, the ISI 3500 and its sister camera, the ISI 2500, have set a new industry standard for resiliency. Designed to withstand a 10-foot drop and remain operational - still functioning without having to restart - they are IP67 waterproof, with or without a battery in place. They also meet the most stringent requirements for vibration tolerance and feature fire resistant straps, bumpers, outer shells and battery housings, all of which have passed flame testing similar to that used for breathing apparatus.

The camera employs state-of-the-art, uncooled thermal imaging technology from L-3 Infrared Products, which provides the highest standard of imaging performance available. Automatic contrast control and a sensor with an Electronic Integration Mode assure optimal image quality in high thermal energy scenarios.

The units are exceptionally easy to use, with one-button operation, lightweight binocular style design, slide-on external battery, and a diagnostic external battery charger with status indicator. Both cameras come with an internal battery charger, two NiMH batteries, a neck strap, and ACCUTEMP® direct digital temperature readout.

ISI's cameras can be further enhanced with options including an innovative remote LCD screen and telescoping pole, allowing the firefighter to search hard-to-reach areas such as attics, basements and confined spaces without personally entering the hazardous environment. An external two-channel transmitter is available to send images from within a fire scene to the command center, and an ergonomically designed pistol grip handle.

ISI is the company that introduced the first BST thermal imaging cameras for firefighters, and is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced respiratory protection equipment. ISI products are known for offering advanced, time-saving technology to firefighting, law enforcement and industrial users. ISI provides training, service and repair for all of its products. More information on the new ISI 3500 Thermal Imager is available by calling toll free: 888-474-7233.

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