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The new tool allows paramedics to administer lifesaving treatments while CPR continues
Jeffrey Ballard's 8-year-old daughter, who suffers from asthma, stopped breathing and became unconscious in the car
This is the second time firefighter-paramedic Austin Bleiweiss has helped save someone's life while on a plane
The man was speaking at the meeting when he collapsed; the fire chief and a city councilwoman administered CPR and then used an AED to revive the man before paramedics arrived
Meta-analysis of the available research looks at primary and secondary patient outcomes of applying mechanical chest compression devices following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
The bag valve mask obscured the victim's face while his firefighter son performed CPR
Trainee Keenan Smith, 26, saw a man collapse on the street and performed CPR
Keith Mills' actions saved the woman's life and her family found him on Facebook to thank him
Chief Joseph Edwards couldn't find a pulse on the 61-year-old man; he used an AED, combined with CPR, to regain a pulse
When a 50-year veteran firefighter collapsed during a Thanksgiving day race, his running partners were fellow firefighters
Ernie Bouthiette went into cardiac arrest due to arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia; he didn't know he had the heart condition until he woke up in the hospital
Mark Zielinski, 49, responded to a scene where a shopper was down in cardiac arrest requiring CPR
Three cats were taken from the building to a veterinary hospital
The updated guide addresses compression rate, body temperature and 'pit-crew' CPR for medics
The new American Heart Association's guidelines emphasize the importance of teamwork for resuscitation outcomes
Brody Channel was honoring his father who died in the line of duty last year; he pulled to the side of the road to help an officer perform CPR on an unresponsive 9-month-old girl
A woman and her two sons watched firefighters work for 30 minutes to revive the dog following the fire
Their rig broke down en route to a medical call; while waiting for a tow truck, they got a call for a cardiac arrest and ran a quarter of a mile to save a man's life
One firefighter had seen the man swim out into the harbor and saw him go under
Use of the devices has increased by 50 percent a patient's one-year survival rate from cardiac arrest

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