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Fire Rehab News & Articles
Let's get smart about emergency responder hydration by understanding the need for prehydration and rehydration with water
Like any fireground activity, a well-run rehab sector begins with planning and ends with execution
Vital sign abnormalities during rehab may indicate a medical problem requiring the firefighter to follow-up with their primary care physician
Simple tools and processes can reduce exposure risk without compromising the fire mission
The “fast shelter” offers relief for EMS personnel working mass casualty incidents
Here's a look at why treating a firefighter with high blood pressure must be handled differently than treating civilians
The science of proteins shows that training in the heat may be the best rehab strategy
Seemingly conflicting results shows the difficulty of research and the need for more of it
Specialty-use vehicles can slip across the line of not being classified as emergency vehicles; here's what to know about these units
It is any firefighter's worst nightmare and it happens more often than you would think
Lifting more than 51 pounds from the floor can lead to injuries; firefighters and medics must increase training for proper lifting techniques
You responded to a firefighter with eye pain and blurred vision; did you get the treatment steps right?
Taking a close look at firefighter injury numbers points to several ways rehab can reduce those injuries
Firefighters working out during shift has been tied to on-duty injuries; scientists dig deep into those numbers to show what they really mean for firefighter safety
The ready-to-consume packets contain a sports drink, water, fruit puree, snack bar, branch chain amino acid chews and an anti-bacterial hand wipe
More important than the rig itself is what's inside; doing a full, honest inventory will help you get the most of your rehab unit
Volunteer groups are raising money and supplies to outfit the rigs with clothes, food and other things to rehab firefighters on long calls
There's no reason to freak out about Ebola and other deadly diseases, but there is every reason to take all the precautions available
These simple stretches can drastically cut firefighter injuries and can all be done during a routine truck check
Luckily, EMS arrived behind firefighters to a call for difficulty breathing and evacuated the building when their carbon monoxide monitors went off

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