Sprout Health Group Introduces First Responder Support Program

SACRAMENTO, CA.  Healthcare management company The Sprout Health Group has recently introduced a new critical stress response program designed for first responders.  The group owns and operates drug and alcohol rehab centers as well as medical detox facilities across the United States.

The program, named “Frontline” is designed to quickly attend to the mental health and well-being of response community members following critical incidents or unexpected traumatic event such as the recent attack on the Orlando nightclub or the violence seen in cities like Chicago, Boston, Dallas and Baltimore.  Frontline is also designed to address the long-term effects of critical stress on responders from the daily stress and pressure of the job. 

Because the end result of responder career pressures often result in addictions or severe mental and emotional struggles, The Frontline Program is driven by trained responders that address the psychological, physical, mental and emotional needs of victims or those effected.

During the course of Frontline’s involvement, each responder is assigned a responder/practitioner and treatment is customized to meet the individual where their in the career and in their struggle while addressing issues such as addiction or substance abuse.  The new program’s staff has been specifically chosen to create a team of specialists that understand the underlying sources and causes of problems specific to first responders and their families.

Studies have shown that addiction is a steadily rising menace in the United States amongst first responders and despite massive outreach efforts, few seek treatment due to fear of reprisal, rejection, loss of job and even the withdrawal itself.  Due to the complex nature of recovery and the individuality of each case, The Sprout Health Group stays involved in each case alongside the Frontline Program to aid in the process.“Many of our responders are self-treating with pharmaceuticals,” stated Frontline Executive Director Mark Lamplugh, Jr.  “Without the recommendation and supervision of a health care specialist, many of these addiction situations arise quickly and spiral out of control”. Due to the ramifications of addiction on the family unit, the Frontline Program has been constructed to include the families of responders as well, assisting them in recovering and coping as a unit.

According to Lamplugh, drugs such as valium and Xanax which are normally used for anxiety are being abused along with alcohol and opiate pain medications.  Lamplugh is a responder himself; a fourth-generation firefighter and former captain with the Lower Chichester Fire Company. Lamplugh is nationally recognized in Crisis Stress Intervention through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and has worked with many public safety individuals such as firefighters, police officers, veterans, EMS personnel, and civilians nationwide in an effort to lower PTSD and addiction statistics through treatment services and mental health support counseling, “The Frontline Program was designed by addiction and mental health professionals along with first responders. It is one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind,” explained Christine Curtis, the COO of Cedar Point, The Sprout Group’s Sacramento, California facility.“In our Frontline program, we address the public safety culture,” Curtis adds, “The inter-generational nature of public safety work and the reality that most first responders experience intense, repeated exposure to extreme tragedies and events.”

“We combine substance abuse treatment with treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and other mental health issues, providing our clients with the ability to address their drug or alcohol problem as well as the underlying causes and stresses that come with a job in public safety.”

The goal of The Sprout Health Group is to create a productive and efficient means of reaching into the responder community with much-needed support, treatment and wellness promotion.

The Frontline Program can be reached at 866-676-7500 or found online at www.frontlinerehab.com   

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