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Fire Sirens News & Articles
Firefighters claim Federal Signal Corp. failed to install protective devices that would've redirected the 120-decibel noise
Thirty-four firefighters claim they suffered permanent hearing loss; each firefighter is seeking $150,000 in damages
Chief Lloyd Crago: "We don't want the fire siren to blow, but when it does, it means somebody needs us."
The 70-year-old wants $150,000 and suggested sirens be covered by a shield to reduce noise
The malfunction led to three minutes of sirens loudly blaring throughout the town
Town officials are considering relocating the siren by the town hall
Rodney Bingham was four feet away from the truck's bumper when the engine's siren was activated; it caused permanent damage to his hearing
"If you lived as close to the fire department as we do and hear the siren going off at all hours of the day and night, you would want a better system also," one resident said
The siren has been turned off for the spring and summer, while firefighters and medics rely on pagers and cellphones to alert them of emergencies
We asked readers if their departments ever ran calls without lights and sirens
There is more than one choice in sirens, and understand how and why each works will help you make a better decision
Federal Signal will pay nine Chicago firefighters who say they have permanent hearing loss from the company's sirens
They are much-needed attention grabbers in a world of insulated and distracted motorists, but they have drawbacks
Plan to discontinue use of siren and exclusively use pagers to contact members comes because of modern technology, budget woes
The state-of-the-art system has enough sirens to cover Norman's city limits
Sen. Tim Solobay, Canonsburg's volunteer fire chief, slammed two assailants and activated the siren on his vehicle
A new control system will reduce the duration of the alarm from two minutes to one
Friction over the sound of the alarm has been going on for 28 months
Eric Hardy said the current whistle at the borough maintenance building cannot be heard by all firefighters; residents complained of noise
It was installed in the early 1950s as the primary method of notifying the all-volunteer department of an emergency

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