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Firefighter Pagers News & Articles
Built-in redundancies allow these three to work when communication lines go down
At more than 95 decibels, comparable with a jackhammer, the new pager can be heard above fireground noise
It provides more redundancy and better in-building coverage for emergency responders
Unication has unveiled the G1 pager, a submersible voice pager
The Minitor VI is designed to survive the challenging conditions first responders face in the field every day
They're struggling to connect on the radio — whether to tell each other who is responding to what, or even for two ambulances on the way to the same emergency to communicate
The report cites improperly programmed radios, vague updates and a 30-minute communication blackout
He faces a charge of theft in office, but more charges could be added later
788 high-band-frequency pagers will be distributed in northern Franklin County
They are a vital and reliable piece of firefighters' communication tools, and they are getting more versatile
Copyright 2006 The Times-Picayune Publishing Company Fireman's fund gives $15,328 to department By BRIAN FRIEDMAN Times-Picayune (New Orleans) The Terrytown Fifth District

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