Better Tools, LLC announces that Oxnard College Fire Academy & Technology has taken Delivery of the EZ Spanner™ Ratcheting Fire Hydrant Wrench.

The EZ Spanner™ reduces firefighter injuries, saves fire departments money and helps firefighters get water on the fire faster

Los Angeles, CA (September 2015)— EZ Spanner™ Better Tools, LLC announced today that Oxnard College Fire Academy & Technology in Oxnard, California, has taken Delivery of the EZ Spanner™ Ratcheting Fire Hydrant Wrench to incorporate into their state-of-the-art fire recruit training curriculum.
The mission of Oxnard College Fire Technology Program is to assist the career, volunteer, and industrial fire protection and emergency services throughout our state communities to deal effectively with the social, economic, and technical aspects of fire and emergency response and to enhance their professionalism, and capabilities to protect California from the devastation of fire, environmental, natural, and man-made emergencies by providing state of the art education, training, resources, certification and leadership.

Faculty/Department Chair and retired Los Angeles City Fire Captain, Mike Ketaily, recognized that the EZ Spanner™ is a major development in firefighting technology.  Captain Ketaily commented, “I am very happy to incorporate the EZ Spanner™ Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench into our curriculum. We have identified the benefit that the EZ Spanner™ brings to the profession of firefighting. We can teach our students to keep their body in a safe position while opening hydrants and reduce the chance of injuries.”

The EZ Spanner’s™ ratcheting design allows firefighters to get water on the fire faster. As our country’s’ fire hydrants age they become more difficult to open. Firefighters and municipal workers are often put in compromising positions while trying to open these difficult hydrants. The EZ Spanner’s™ ratcheting capability and extendable handle makes this task much easier.

Because of the ratcheting mechanism the EZ Spanner™ enables firefighters to open the most obstructed fire hydrants faster. “Getting water on the fire faster saves lives,” explains Los Angeles City firefighter and inventor of the EZ Spanner™, Dennis Garrison.

Better Tools, Inc. has incorporated three custom designed hooks that grab onto fittings far superior to current tools, reducing the problem of the tool slipping off the fitting and causing injuries.

Leverage is a major problem with the current standard fire hydrant wrenches because of their short length. The EZ Spanner™ has successfully addressed this issue by incorporating an extendable handle that increases the length of the tool and adds a mechanical advantage to opening hydrants faster and with less effort.

The EZ Spanner™ or Better Tools, LLC was created by a firefighter/engineer and is part of Better Tool’s, LLC commitment to deliver the highest quality most effective firefighting tools available. EZ Spanner™ or Better Tools, LLC can be contacted at (818) 856-1522 or through their distributor network that can be found on their website at .

Founded in 2015, Better Tool offers the only multi-function, ratcheting fire hydrant and fittings wrench. The company plans to bring to market additional tools to assist fire departments and other municipal agencies in doing their jobs easier, better and reducing injuries

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