Chico Fire Prevention & Life Safety Bureau - Residential Structure Fire

ChicoChico Fire-Rescue responded to a residential structure fire that occurred on Wednesday, February 5th at 838 Nancy Lane. Occupants called 9-1-1 at 11:09 PM after they noticed smoke coming through vents inside the home. The home’s six occupants had evacuated from the home prior to the firefighters arrival. Firefighters searched the home and discovered a smoldering fire in a converted garage that was being used as a bedroom by one of the renters. The fire did not spread beyond the converted garage. The structural damage was estimated to be approximately $20,000.  An Origin and Cause investigation conducted by Chico Fire-Rescue determined that the fire was Incendiary. Chico Police responded to the scene and took one occupant into custody. Media requesting further information can contact the Watch Commander at the Chico Police Department at 530-895-4912.

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7 ways Enhanced CAD Relay makes dispatch more effective

7 ways Enhanced CAD Relay makes dispatch more effective

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