KME Featured Deliveries - Haldimand County, CA Custom Pumper

GSO 8769, 70 & 71 Haldimand County, CA Custom Pumper
100” Predator Panther Chassis
MFD Cab with 10” Raised Roof
Cummins ISL9 400 HP Engine
Allison 3000 EVS Transmission
Hale QMax-150 1500 GPM Single Stage Pump
1000 Gallon Poly Tank
Challenger WB Body Constructed of 3/16” Aluminum
Full Height/Split Depth Compartmentation on the officer’s side
Full Height/Full Depth Compartmentation on the driver’s side
20” Front Bumper Extension with two hose storage wells
One of the units has a cab roof mounted Command Light Knight-2 Light Tower
Custom Adjustable Shelf in Cab
Metric/US Standard Pump Panel
Onan 6 kW PTO HYD Generator
Overall Height: 112”
Overall Length: 404”
Wheelbase: 213”


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