KME Featured Deliveries - Halifax VFD, VA


GSO 8744 Halifax VFD, VA
Custom Pumper
Predator Panther 4x2 100” Chassis
MFD with 10” Raised Roof Cab
Maxxforce 10 405 HP Engine
Allison 3000 EVS Transmission
Hale Q2-150 1500 GPM Two Stage Pump
Poly “L” 1000 Gallon Water/30 Gallon Foam Tank
168” Flushback Body Constructed of 3/16” Aluminum
Full Height/Split Depth Compartmentation
Smart Power HR-10 Generator
Hale Foamlogix 3.3 Foam System
Overall Height: 113”
Overall Length: 392”
Wheelbase: 195”

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