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Department Name City of Atlanta, GA
City/State Atlanta, Georgia
Selling Price  
Dealer Wendel Faulkner, NAFCO
Dealer Information 256-353-7100 
Product Manager Jason Behler
Type Tractor Drawn Aerial
Chassis Type/Make/Model/Door/Raised Roof Predator Severe Service 100" MFD Chassis - Seating for 6
Rollover Protection  
Front Bumper 16" Front Bumper Extension with Tread Plate Gravel Shield
ROL Stability Control  
Automatic Traction Control  
Intercom System David Clark
Engine-Make/Model/HP Cummins ISX 12 500 HP w/Engine Brake and Telma Driveline Retarder
Transmission Allison 4500 EVSR, 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
Body/Material Type Aluminum
Storage Space Capacity over 500 cu ft
Access Ladders Stainless Steel Bustin Grating for Turn Table and Tiller Access Ladders
Hosebed Covers  
Ladder Storage 235' of assorted ground ladders
Suction Storage  
Roof Storage Compartments  
Cascade System  
Winch Warn 1500# Electric Winch Mounted to Front Bumper Extension
DOT Storage Bottles  
Drawers/Tool Racks  
Electrical System Load management system
Light Package Whelen  and FRC Light Package
Warning Lights Whelen  
Electric Cord Reels (1) Hannay 120 Volt Electric Cord Reel
Light Tower-Manufacturer/Model/Capacity Nightscan 4.5-9000 OPT, 6-1500W/240V Optimum Light Tower
Generator-Manufacturer/Capacity in Watts Harrison PTO/HYD Generator. 10.0-MAS Series, 10000 Watt 
Rear Vision System  
AERIAL (if applicable)  
Aerial Type 101' Tractor Drawn with Pre-Piped Waterway
Platform Load 500lb unrestricted wet/dry
Ice/Wind Ratings standard
Outriggers/Leveling Degree 16' stabilizer stance
Structural Safety Factor 2.5:1
Waterway Rating 1500 gpm w/ Store Front Blitz
Horizontal Reach 92'
Motor Type  
Below Grade Operation -7
Rung Covers/Lights photolumenscient rung cover
PLATFORM/LADDER (if applicable)  
Work Space  
External Work Space  
Movable Platform Controls  
Monitor Rotation Range  
Water Flow  
Waterway Size  
Platform Storage  
Modular/ For repair  
Platform Construction  
Overall Height 134" [11'-2"]
Overall Length (feet/inches) 672" (56')
Wheelbase - Tractor 140" (11'-8")
Wheelbase - Trailer 329" (27' 5")

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