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Hazmat Equipment News & Articles
Simple tools and processes can reduce exposure risk without compromising the fire mission
SCBA's ability to ward off external chemicals was greatly enhanced in 2007; now they'll be tested to find out just how good they are
This free PDF from FireGrantsHelp and FireRescue1 will give you everything you need for this year's Assistance to Firefighters Grants program
The new generation in handheld chemical detection
Ten students were exposed, one may have ingested mercury that a student brought to junior high school
Not every situation calls for structural PPE; here's a look at how to determine what other gear you may need
Following these steps will make awareness-level firefighters safe and effective when first on a hazmat scene
Both suit design and testing need a complete overhaul to better match real-world needs
Like ER doctors and nurses, fire officers cannot remember everything, so here's a list resources to have in your first-due rigs
Some 150 firefighters and EMS personnel responded to the fire
Emerging technology may change the way our protective gear is made
They are more breathable, last longer and offer more protection than did the pioneer hazmat PPE ensembles
Firefighters are using a controlled burn to contain the 9,000 gallons of fuel
The suit will be resistant to hazmat and grant superhuman strength
The biggest, known as Boz, can drag a wounded man to safety, flip a car on its side or rip open its trunk
Homeowner chipping ice from refrigerator releases dangerous gas
U.S. Senators thanked firefighters at nuclear sub fire
Complained of feeling light-headed or dizzy hours after extinguishing an apartment fire
Hoax letters are a costly diversion for fire departments' hazmat units
In early May of 2012, FireRescue1 conducted a survey on firefighter ’s use of Personal Protective Equipment. We have posted the results to the survey below. They represent a

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