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In conjunction with CoBRA software’s 8th year anniversary, Defense Group Inc announces the launch Version 4.3 of CoBRA software.

CoBRA software was first released commercially on 12/9/2000 and has since become the preeminent CBRNE decision support software for military and civilian first responders and war fighters.

This latest version of CoBRA software includes new Databases, Tools, Guides and Functionalities to further support the CBRNE responder. 

These new features are a result of direct feedback from current CoBRA users, as we strive for continuous improvement so that CoBRA software continues to be the First Responders First Choice.

The major new features in this release are:

  1. Sensitive Site Exploitation Guide – CoBRA has licensed the Sensitive Site Exploitation Guidebook (SSEG) for use by Military and Government agencies dealing with exploration of sites that contain explosives, toxic chemicals (such as found in illegal drug labs) and WMD. SSEG provides information on planning, equipment, exploitation procedures, search methods, and collection operations. It identifies site specific considerations for fixed sites, aircraft, rail, cargo and confined space exploitation. 
  2. Detonator Reference Database enhances CoBRA’s already robust suite of IED Defeat tools
  3. Collaborative Situation Board to track the many aspects of an incident.  This tool can be used in the stand alone client version of CoBRA, or used to collaborate across multiple agencies when CoBRA server is established.
  4. Scrolling Notification Ticker and Status Viewer
  5. Interactive Periodic Table of Elements
  6. Enhanced GIS Map Tool, for plume and map display, requires ESRI 9.2 Runtime license (ESRI license is also available for purchase through Defense Group Inc/CoBRA).
  7. Enhanced Forms Tool allowing ease of adding customized forms

Enhanced Tools

  1. ERG 2008
  2. Enhanced Agent ID tool, linked to Master Search tool
  3. Expanded Checklists (2000+ NIMS Checklists with positions and tasks)
  4. Upgraded Incident Management
      1. All incidents are stored and managed through the logon screen
      2. Tracks progress of form and checklist completion
      3. Enhanced notes functionality
  5. Enhanced NFPA tool with links to interactive RIDS and USCG Chris manual tools.

About CoBRA Software:
CoBRA software serves as a Decision Support Tool for the full spectrum of HAZMAT & CBRNE incident management; including pre-planning, collaboration, training, exercises and response. CoBRA is used by Federal, State & Local First Responders such as Law Enforcement, Fire, Hazmat, Bomb Response, Military and Medical professionals to improve their response capabilities.  CoBRA supports the responder as a decision aide in such areas such as making presumptive identification of the hazard, Isolation of the area, following and recording proper procedures and deciding if they are to deal with the situation immediately or wait for additional resources to arrive.

CoBRA software supports National Standards such as National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command Structure (ICS), enhancing the ability to establish an incident command structure quickly; yet is easily customized to include your own local procedures and checklists.   CoBRA is an excellent tool to support MIL/CIV collaboration.

CoBRA is designed for ease of use and can also be integrated with sensors, robots and other software programs.

CoBRA is Government tested and approved:

  1. CoBRA is DHS SAFETY ACT “Designated” as a qualified anti-terrorism technology and SAFET ACT “Certified” on the DHS Approved Products List for Homeland Security.
  2. CoBRA is DOIM certified for use on government networks
  3. CoBRA has received Certificate of Networthiness CoN from the Chief Engineer NETCOM.
  4. CoBRA has received FEMA NIMS evaluation

CoBRA has been deployed to all DoD Base Fire Departments that fall under the JPEO-CBD Guardian Program as well as to all National Guard WMD Civil Support Teams and to 20th Support Command CBRN, as well as all subordinate commands. 

CoBRA has been deployed to all FBI accredited bomb squads nationwide and was chosen by DHS CEDAP program for deployment to rural first responder agencies.

Defense Group Inc. invites you to attend a weekly web-demo of CoBRA software, register @

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Defense Group Inc, a veteran-owned business, has been supporting America's responders for over 20 years.


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