Defense Group Announces CoBRA® Support for the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System

Alexandria, VA - Defense Group Inc is pleased to announce the release of its HEICS Expansion Pack for CoBRA 4.0. This important add-on to CoBRA® 4.0 makes it easy for hospitals to gain value from HEICS by implementing its guidance and recommendations.

Originally funded by the California Emergency Medical Services Authority, HEICS (Hospital Emergency Incident Command System) is a flexible, powerful plan designed to minimize the confusion and chaos that swirls around disaster response. The Expansion Pack distills HEICS into tools and resources that are easily accessed from within CoBRA 4.0. The Expansion Pack includes new profiles, forms, checklists, and reference documents that turn HEICS from a static document into an interactive tool for managing health-related response to man-made and natural disasters.

The Expansion Pack is completely integrated with CoBRA 4.0, so users continue to get the complete incident report logging, communication, annotation, and data sharing capabilities that they’ve come to expect and rely on for incident management.

The HEICS Expansion Pack for CoBRA 4.0 is available immediately for $500 per license.

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