31 Public Safety Customers Make Leap to Live with Automated Scheduling and Online Access for Workforce

PDSI Also Welcomes 10 New TeleStaff Customers in the First Quarter 2010

IRVINE, Calif. Principal Decision Systems International, PDSI, the leader in public safety employee scheduling and communication solutions, announced today that 31 additional customers are now “live” in the first quarter 2010, bringing their customer total to nearly 600 agencies.  Thanks to dedicated project teams, these organizations have significantly enhanced operational efficiency, increased transparency and instilled institutional fairness in an automated manner.  The customers, composed of fire, law enforcement and correctional departments in different regions throughout the United States and Canada, selected TeleStaff to improve workforce scheduling, provide global online access to their employees and contain overall costs.  In addition, PDSI also welcomed 10 new customers in the first quarter 2010.

“We feel privileged that we have been chosen by these public safety organizations to assist them in a vital part of their operations,” said Greg Ekstrom, PDSI president. “They have taken an important step in becoming even more effective and more accountable through technology, continuing to ensure public safety for years to come.”

As a result of bringing hundreds of public safety departments online, PDSI has forged new channels of organization and productivity for their clients having recently upgraded their implementation process so that scheduling personnel are trained on various features faster and the system is in end users’ hands sooner. 

“Scheduling personnel once responsible for the often cumbersome duty of staffing may now focus on other aspects of operations, including staff training and support,” said Director of Customer Services Martha Strittmater. “Our public safety professionals are being asked to do more with even less and that means time, as well as resources.  By developing features in TeleStaff that automate the most common and manual tasks, we are able to help customers better manage their work in an environment where there is no downtime.”

Since 1997, PDSI has been delivering TeleStaff, an automated employee scheduling and communication solution, to public safety organizations, including fire, EMS, law enforcement and corrections.  Currently, TeleStaff supports nearly 600 public safety customers in North America. Through patented scheduling technology capable of incorporating rules and procedures, TeleStaff streamlines scheduling organization-wide, while controlling costs and ensuring compliance with collective bargaining agreements, labor laws and other agency policies.  Other features include built-in communication features and self-service employee access.  For information about TeleStaff or to schedule an online demonstration, contact TeleStaff’s Sales Department at (800) 850-7374.

About PDSI
Principal Decision Systems International (PDSI) is a recognized leader in workforce management solutions.  The company's products merge advanced employee scheduling and time management automation with communication capabilities enabling organizations to optimize staffing, manage outbound and inbound communications, streamline routine workflow, control labor costs, and comply with regulatory policies.  Hundreds of organizations in the United States and Canada rely on PDSI solutions to help drive increased operational efficiency and workforce productivity.  The company's headquarters are located in Irvine, California.  For more information, visit www.telestaff.com.

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