Computer-Aided Dispatch App Comes to iPhone, iPad

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 6, 2011 - Hitech Systems Inc., whose SafetyNet® computer-aided dispatch and records management systems power law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies across North America, has partnered with Fusion Technology Group to create SafetyNet Mobile Insight, a complementary public-safety app for the Apple iPhone® and iPad®.

"SafetyNet Mobile Insight gives public-safety personnel powerful information wherever they are, exactly when they need it, while cost-effectively integrating with our existing dispatch systems," said Henry Unger, Hitech's president. "It puts powerful augmented-reality technologies immediately at the fingertips of every public-safety officer. 'Touch and see' allows them to simply point to a location and see its details and history."

"Augmented reality" (picture on next Page) is the hottest trend in mobile computing, tying databases of information to a specific location to provide rich, immediate understanding about that place and its history. With SafetyNet Mobile Insight, an officer can point an iPhone's camera at a location and see information about that site overlaid on top of the image on the iPhone's screen. Wherever the camera's viewfinder is pointed, the screen will be overlaid with icons indicating premises history, hazards, and other important information derived from the computer aided dispatch (CAD) system in operation at the 9-1-1 communication center.

SafetyNet Mobile Insight for iPhone and iPad gives public safety personnel who are away from in-vehicle mobile computers access to the full range of emergency dispatch center information, including maps, locations of other public safety personnel, "Be On the Lookout" warnings, hazard information, and more.

As an app, the program is a cost-effective solution that easily installs on Apple iOS-based devices through Apple's private online process for enterprise systems. SafetyNet Mobile Insight integrates smoothly and securely with Hitech's SafetyNet CAD systems in use by hundreds of public safety agencies in the U.S. and Mexico, including Mexico City's, with 20 million people in its metropolitan area.

"Now the officer on foot, on horseback, on a bicycle or motorcycle, can have a powerful computer system at his belt," Unger said. "That officer or firefighter can know what's behind the door, accessing a deep history of the premises, including past emergency calls, and much else. It makes for smarter responses, safer officers, and a safer public."

"With SafetyNet Mobile Insight, mobile phones have crossed the boundary to becoming useful industrial applications," said Ray Camrass of Fusion Technology Group. "With its Augmented Reality, a law enforcement official can "see" behind bricks and doors, into a target premises for possible dangers, hazards, and its history before going in."

The app recently successfully underwent 90-day trials with the police departments of San Mateo, Calif., and Burlingame, Calif. It now is beginning to roll out to other agencies for implementation.

"The iPhone app has allowed the officers a way to remain connected in a way we never thought possible. No longer are they tethered to their cars to update calls or get information. They can stay informed no matter where they are," said Ronda Caine Alcantara, Burlingame Police Department.

"The SafetyNet Mobile iPhone application allows our officers to quickly scan a neighborhood with its heads up display to identify potential hazardous locations or wanted suspects. Mobile applications are not longer tied to our patrol cars, but mobile with the officer when they face the most danger," said Lt. Wayne Hoss, San Mateo Police Department.

"As a Field Sergeant, I monitor shift activity throughout each tour. The SafetyNet Mobile iPhone application provides real-time display of active units and calls for service, as well as a tool for lookups of premise history and officer safety information, without having to login to either the CAD or Mobile application," said Sergeant Robert Boll, Burlingame Police Department.

Given the strong positive response so far to SafetyNet Mobile Insight, Unger said Hitech is evaluating other mobile platforms for further expansion of the app.

About Hitech Systems Inc.
Hitech Systems Inc. is based in Los Angeles, Calif., and has been creating best-of-breed solutions for computerized emergency dispatch and communications systems since 1986. Hundreds of law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies across the United States and throughout Mexico rely on Hitech Systems software to power their emergency dispatch needs. Specialties include systems for Next Gen 911, law enforcement and fire records management, jail management, and mobile computing needs. For more information about Hitech products and services, contact them at +1 (310) 282 9919 or

About Fusion Technology Group
Fusion Technology Group is a privately held software-development company founded in 1996 and based in Sydney, Australia. It can be contacted at +61 (Australia) 2 9477 1793 or Fusion specializes in building high-end applications for Mobile phones in conjunction with major back-end systems, with its first major industrial application SafetyNet Mobile Insight for law enforcement officials. Fusion also provides ad hoc mobile applications on a consulting basis.

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