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ESI EQUIPMENT, Inc. & The Garage Shop join forces to build 5 All-Hazards Rapid Intervention Vehicles for the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2022

ESI Equipment, Inc. Race Track Safety Services and The Garage Shop, Denver, NC, have collaborated
on a project for the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2022 to build five Rapid Intervention
Vehicles (RIV). The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2022 will hold its inaugural event on May
6-8, 2022, around the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, USA. The F1 Miami Group contacted ESI
Equipment to build and fully equip the vehicles as All-Hazards Rapid Intervention Vehicles to handle
fire, rescue, EMS, flat line towing, and track cleanup responsibilities.

The design selected was based on a similar unit that The Garage Shop had previously constructed. ESI
reached out to TGS, and the collaboration of the Rapid Intervention Vehicles with all all-hazards
response capabilities began. Despite the small window to complete the project, both companies
sprang into action and concentrated on design changes and obtaining the materials and equipment
needed to complete the time-sensitive projects.

TGS completed the five drop-in skid units within two weeks, leaving the remaining two weeks for ESI
Equipment to finish and fully equip them with all necessary items.

The new trucks are 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew-cab short-bed pickups. To meet the
requirements of the all-hazard response units, the following equipment was provided:
1.Sound-Off System Lighting
2.Holmatro Pentheon Battery Spreader, Cutter, Ram
3.Enforcer 30 CAFS unit with 70 feet ½" reel, 50 feet 1" Flat Line
4.(4) Pressurized Water Extinguishers with Firebull A/B Foam Solution
5.Ansul Redline High Flow Purple-K Extinguisher
6.MED Extrication Board
7.Milwaukee Battery Reciprocating Saw with Diablo Blades
8.Oil Dry Container with Safety-Kleen, Broom, Shovel
9.Tow Lines, Hoop Bar, Wheel Chock Set
10.Hand Tools and Halligan Bar
11.Hartwell Vacuum Mattress
12.FIA Seat Removal Kit

The RIVs will be delivered as turn-key units before race activities in Miami.

Aaron Brown, the owner of The Garage Shop, says: “John [ESI Equipment President] came to me with
this project, and I knew it was a challenge to complete within the deadline. But my shop has some very
talented and dedicated craftsman that took on the challenge and made some unbelievable skids”. TGS
is known for its custom designs in racing vehicles, though they have also built training vehicles for
Fire/Rescue groups across the US.

John Evans, President of ESI Equipment, states: “The collaboration between TGS and ESI made this all
possible. We are accustomed to being under completion deadlines with emergency apparatus builds.
This one had a bit more time crunch, but the two companies could collectively complete an excellent
operative Rapid Intervention Vehicles for the F1 Miami Group.”

The five Rapid Intervention Vehicles will be staged around Miami’s newly created 3.362 miles, 19 turn

For more information concerning the latest All-Hazards capable Rapid Intervention Vehicles, contact
ESI Equipment, Inc. at 1-800-574-8228 or