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Transformational tools: FireWorks RMS leads with customizable solutions

FireWorks is not one-size-fits-all; it’s all about adaptability and customization for its customers

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In the fast-paced world of emergency response, every second counts. Fire and EMS professionals require tools that streamline operations and equip them to make informed decisions that improve safety, quality and overall performance.

This is where a strong records management system (RMS) comes into play, particularly as fire departments are routinely called upon to collect and analyze data about their service delivery and personnel management.

One such solution is EPR Systems’ FireWorks (RMS), which can serve as the central repository for all critical databases, including inspection, property, and hydrant records. Additionally, it houses vital ePCR, community portal and staffing management software. It’s an all-in-one solution that encompasses a range of integrated modules, facilitating the management of all organizational needs delivering hard data to emergency responders quickly when needed. What’s more, FireWorks is tailor-made for the needs of fire and EMS organizations, with features and data-driven solutions that are adaptable and customizable to individual agencies.

How it works

Imagine a scenario in which engine and trucks crews have the capability to carry out preplan surveys and company-level building inspections, while certified fire inspectors handle routine occupancy and business inspections. Then FireWorks ensures that vital data is immediately updated and shared with all members of the department – the emergency contact information, past inspection violations and tactical details, such as hydrant locations, Knox Box placements, FDC connections and more, all immediately available when an emergency 911 call is dispatched. Company officers and battalion chiefs will have a wealth of information at their fingertips to make well informed decisions.

Here’s what makes FireWorks unique:

Adaptable, customizable solutions: Fire and EMS professionals work in ever-changing environments that demand flexibility. FireWorks is not one-size-fits-all; it’s all about adaptability and customization for its customers. While EPR Systems has crafted a strong out-of-the-box FireWorks platform, the company understands that every organization has unique requirements and conditions, and therefore customizes its software to fit each department’s needs.

Training and integration: Adopting any type of new software can be challenging, especially in the complex and high-stress roles of emergency response. EPR Systems offers training and support services for departments. A team of veteran instructors, many of whom are retired or active fire and EMS professionals, provide guidance and direction. This unique expertise allows them to provide on-site, in-person training tailored to the specific needs of each department. They understand firsthand the impact that reliable software can have on saving lives, and this insight drives their firm commitment to exceptional service. This is what sets FireWorks apart from others – quality customer support and customizable/adaptable software.

Data-driven: EPR Systems’ approach centers on ensuring that data serves the emergency responders, not the other way around. As such, data collection works for the individual organization by providing much-needed knowledge with the evidence to back it up, and the EPR Systems team works with customers to keep them up to date on future changes.

Integrating suppression and prevention: Fire departments play a dual role in both suppression and community risk reduction. So imagine if you could have a comprehensive RMS for fire and EMS agencies that was readily accessible on the go – a seamless integration of two critical fire department functions. FireWorks software integrates both aspects. This integrated preplan and inspection system permits crews to conduct company-level preplan surveys, while certified fire inspectors conduct periodic occupancy and business inspections. This real-time sharing of information helps ensure a more cohesive and effective emergency response.

Trust and security: Data security is paramount. To accommodate its software and safeguard customer data, EPR Systems relies on the secure environment provided by Amazon Web Services, which provides continuous monitoring to ensure strong performance and reliability.

Industry partner

EPR Systems’ FireWorks software isn’t only a technological solution; it’s a transformational tool for fire and EMS providers. With tailor-made solutions, comprehensive training, round-the-clock support, and seamless integration, FireWorks empowers first responders to make impactful decisions based on hard data. This not only enhances operational efficiency but can ultimately save lives and better serve the community.

Chief Keith Padgett serves as the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Academic Program Director with Columbia Southern University within the College of Safety and Emergency Services. A 42-year member of the fire service, Padgett previously served as fire chief of the Beulah Fire District in Valley, Alabama, and as the chief/fire marshal for the Fulton County Fire-Rescue Department in Atlanta. He is presently the Co-Chair of the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) EMS curriculum workgroup. He also served as a Specialty Educational Board member for the IAFC Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP) Section as the chair of the Professional Development/Higher Education sub-committee as well as a director-at-large board member on the IAFC’s Safety, Health and Survival Section. Padgett completed the Executive Fire Officer (EFO) Program through the National Fire Academy and has a Chief Fire Officer Destination through the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE). He holds a master’s degree in leadership with an emphasis in disaster preparedness and executive fire leadership and a bachelor’s degree in public safety administration. Connect with Padgett on LinkedIn or via email.

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