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Rescue Equipment News & Articles
In theory, you can't put a price on safety; in reality, everything has a cost and must be ranked against other needs
Follow this expert advice before dropping any money on rope rescue gear to make sure you know what you need and don't need
Whether or not the gloves are NFPA certified, use this checklist to guide your next extrication glove purchase
Unlike the costlier alternative of a helicopter, the drones can be deployed in seconds for a search and rescue mission
The stretcher allows a single responder to rapidly move a patient
When it comes to trench rescue, you are either ready for success or ripe for tragedy; here's what it takes to be ready
When you're wading into icy water to rescue a victim is not the time to wonder if you bought the best exposure suit
From body protection to hand tools to head wear, ice rescue brings a set of equipment demands turnout gear cannot meet
Since 2001, AFG has awarded nearly $6.1 billion in grants to first responder organizations for equipment, training and emergency vehicles
The cutters are lighter and more ergonomic than the previous models
The $110K in federal funds will allow the purchase of three hydraulic extraction devices
The funds will allow the purchase of three battery-powered stretchers
Whether hydraulic, pneumatic or electric, each extrication tool power source has advantages and disadvantages; here's how they break down
The utilization of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) during disasters could prove greatly beneficial
The funding will be used to purchase two cardio compression devices and to train responders on the management of pediatric emergencies
Follow these procedures for primary and secondary stabilization to properly secure a vehicle on its side with in your first five minutes on scene
There are a lot of choices when it comes protective eyewear, and that's a good thing; here's a guide to selecting the right protection for the right situation
Proper training, equipment, technique and awareness can reduce the dangers of ice rescues
It was another good year for the development of products that help make the job of firefighters safe, more effective and efficient
Pick offs require a lot of repetition and are a high-risk rigging event; these steps and video will help you train for these rescues

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