LIFE-PACK Technologies, INC. Debuts New Fire Rescue Products at FDIC 2008 Exhibition

end picture GROVE, PA - The 2008 Fire Department Instructors’ Conference (FDIC) will mark the debut of Life-Pack Technologies, Inc. (LPT) and their new suite of innovative products for the fire rescue industry.  LPT will be featured at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis from Thursday, April 10th through Saturday, April 12th. 

The new company’s mission is to save lives and property and get everybody home safely in the event of a fire or other emergency. Their presence will allow them to disclose revolutionary products that will be delivered later this year.  LPT will demonstrate and feature BAILOUT BUDDY™, a hands-free firefighter escape system that uses steel cable, allows for initial free-falls and requires little to no training. Additionally, LPT will unveil PAWS™, the personal anchor wedge system that firmly secures most escape anchor hooks to windows and other surfaces for greater reliability during escape maneuvers.  Two other products that will be shown are the AERIAL MULE™, an equipment ferrying system which carries equipment, reducing firefighter physical exertion and speeding up fire ground operations, and 360 RESCUE™, a multi-directional rescue device that extracts victims, moving them to safety.

FDIC has been focusing on fire rescue and training for 80 years. The annual convention allows 900 companies of the industry to showcase their latest products and services along with Hands-On Training (H.O.T), workshops, and over 150 classroom assemblies.

About Life-Pack Technologies, Inc.
Life-Pack Technologies, Inc. (LPT) was formed following the tragedy of September 11, 2001 to address the need for better, safer multi-story firefighting and rescue, and external mass-evacuation of high-rise occupants.  LPT's patented products help firefighters bail out of an upper floor window, ferry vital equipment to a high staging floor, extract fallen firefighters following a floor collapse, and enable thousands of occupants trapped on an upper floor to safely exit the building and descend slowly to the ground.  To learn more, please visit

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