SearchCam 3000 Sets New Standard for Technical Search and Rescue Cameras

Richmond, B.C. – President Gord Cook of CON-SPACE Communications announced today the launch of its new SearchCam 3000, a technical search and rescue camera. Designed with input from Urban Search and Rescue teams from around the world, the SearchCam 3000 is setting a new standard for technical search and rescue cameras.

“Building on the success of the original SearchCam 2000, the new SearchCam 3000 incorporates forward-looking technology,” Cook stated. “Rescue workers told us they wanted a camera that is durable, reliable, provides a good picture, has a good light source, is mobile, versatile and easy-to-use. The SearchCam 3000 is all of these things and more.”

The SearchCam 3000 comes with interchangeable, waterproof camera heads that can be swapped on the fly, depending on what conditions rescuers are confronting. The camera can be expanded from 14 inches to 19 feet, eliminating the need to carry multiple cameras. Rescuers can also record video and capture still images of the search site which can later be used for post-incident evaluation or training purposes. “This camera was designed to give rescue workers everything they need and it eliminates redundant equipment,” Cook stated. “It’s setting a whole new standard for technical search and rescue cameras,” he added.

CON-SPACE Communications Ltd. and its five principal product lines have been the eyes, ears and voice of first responders around the world for almost two decades. CON-SPACE Hardline, the SearchCam, the EntryLink, Delsar Life Detectors and CON-SPACE Radio Accessories — now all manufactured by CON-SPACE Communications — are the ‘originals’ in the field of technical rescue. They’re time-proven, reliable, field-tested and easy to use. First Responders rely on the originals to save lives.

CON-SPACE Communications has distribution throughout North America, Great Britain, Australia, Asia, South America and Europe. CON-SPACE through its OEM division supplies radio accessories to many other manufacturers with private label products.

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