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FDIC 2023: MSA spotlights its Connected Firefighter Platform

The Platform includes the LUNAR Connected Device as well as FireGrid software, HUB, and ALTAIR portable gas detectors

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At FDIC 2023, the MSA team showed FireRescue1 its Connected Firefighter Platform, an ecosystem of technology-based tools centered around the G1 SCBA. The Platform includes the LUNAR Connected Device, a handheld device that provides search and rescue capabilities for firefighters and serves as a personal TIC, as well as FireGrid software, HUB, and ALTAIR portable gas detectors.

Specific to accountability and situational awareness, the FireGrid Map View is MSA’s latest enhancement to the Connected Firefighter Platform. Map View utilizes the LUNAR device’s GPS capabilities to enable tracking of a firefighter’s estimated location when outside of a structure. In use, Map View provides incident commanders with additional firefighter information from other devices on the Connected Firefighter Platform, including team assignment, G1 SCBA air pressure, and alarm status.

MSA also highlighted the latest LUNAR update – inclusion with FirstNet, a nationwide public safety communications network. LUNAR is the first device of its kind to work with the FirstNet network, which helps to ensure critical data and information from first responders are transmitted during high-traffic situations when cellular network usage is constricted, such as during natural disaster or national emergencies. FirstNet was developed by the U.S. Congress and the first responder community following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In addition to connected technologies, MSA also highlighted a broad range of other fire product safety solutions, including the G1 SCBA, MSA Cairns fire helmets, and MSA Globe fire protective clothing and boots.

Learn more about MSA on FireRescue1 and MSA Safety’s website.