The Mi-TIC is the world's smallest, high resolution thermal imaging camera designed for the fire-fighting applications. Fire Fighters have the option of a simple on/off one button camera to power up and go, or a three button option that allows them to personally configure the cameras features. Both cameras are simple to use, robust, and extremely suitable for all fire-fighter applications. They provide a superb image resolution while almost becoming part of the fire-fighter's PPE, a move which everyone will appreciate, most importantly the front line fire-fighter. The camera delivers the best image quality and clarity of any personal imager on the market. The ruggedly engineered Argus Mi-TIC is extremely lightweight at less than 1.7 lbs. and demands minimal training. It is intuitive and simple to operate and no user maintenance is required other than to clean the imager after use. Downloading images from the camera is simple as no software is required. An SD card in the Argus Mi-TIC can accommodate more than four hours of video recording plus 100 images.

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