Fire Hoses News & Articles

Fire Hoses News & Articles
Stepping outside the “that’s how we’ve always done it” mindset will set the rigs up for current and future needs
The fire department hoses were used to put out fires set by protesters and to turn back protesters during a violent clash
Pinching the supply line can spell serious trouble for an interior attack crew; here are ways to keep those lines kink-free
Preventing back injuries is the only reason you need to buy hose rollers; here are four things to consider before selecting one
Jake Starr is the founder of Recycled Firefighter, a company that makes accessories out of old fire hose
Fallen Boston firefighter Michael Kennedy’s mother founded the Last Call Foundation, which is funding research into fireproof hoses
Police said he was hit by the hose, wrapped up, and thrown to the ground before he could do anything
The bicyclist was taken to a hospital with scrapes and a broken leg; the line also hit and damaged three cars near the scene
The grant money will buy an SCBA fill station, hoses, thermal imagers and flashlights
There will be numerous reels for firefighting and rescue applications on display at the Hannay Reels booth designed to maximize vehicle space limitations
Getting water from a static source to an apparatus is a critical component of rural firefighting; here's the drafting equipment you'll need
The HeatSeeker rehab caps can attach to any discharge port to act as a cooling mist station to relieve heat stress
Getting the hose off the truck and ready for water is key to a quick knockdown; here are five variations worth a close look
Loading, cleaning, storing and moving hose imporperly can greatly cut the life of the hose; here's what to do to get the most out of fire hose
The apparatus can pressurize and check fire hoses for damage
Texas Rangers' Nelson Cruz inspired the American Medical Response to donate the ambulances after he bought his hometown a fire truck
Each unit offers firefighters relief for the dreaded and backbreaking work of draining and rolling hose
UL has not evaluated Aquaplus fire hose, which carries a bogus UL mark
Knowing how to use and care for large-diameter hose is critical for effective fireground operations
Water flowing into high-pressure line made a hose coupling spring up, striking firefighter above left eye

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