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Chief Conversations: Innovations and unique solutions to industry problems

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By FireRescue1 Staff

Brad Harvey, senior application engineer at 3M-Scott, sits down with FR1 Executive Editor Chief Marc Bashoor at Fire Rescue International to discuss the importance of innovation in the fire service and how 3M-Scott is working to make firefighter safer on the job. 

Through extensive research and development, 3M-Scott is offering different solutions to industry solutions by reframing the problem. Harvey compares it to shopping at a home improvement store. 

"Somebody goes to the local home improvement store, and they go their to buy a quarter-inch drill bit, but that's not what they're trying to do," he tells Bashoor. "What they're trying to accomplish is a quarter-inch hole, and there's a lot of ways you can get a quarter-inch hole. A drill bit is the only thing you're familiar with, so that's what you go buy."

In other words, "rather than talk about the solution that's desired, talk about the problem that's trying to be solved," Harey says. 

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