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Cloud 9 Smoker from SuperVac

The Super Vac Cloud 9 is the first portable, mineral oil based machine. It can put out huge amounts of smoke quickly, so you are not waiting around for the building to fill. The cloud that is created is so tough that the US Navy, MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Territory) at Fort Bragg, Boeing, Lockheed, and the US Air Force all use mineral oil based smoke in their training. So safe that Disney World, Universal Studios, and most all major theatrical companies use mineral oil based smoke for their effects. There is no cleaning involved, ever! After each use the Cloud 9 self-cleans with the exclusive, Auto Purge Cycle. With superior hang time, the Cloud-9 will produce smoke that is tough to navigate and tough to ventilate. Contact us to see a demonstration. Super Vac, www.supervac.com or 1-800-525-5224.

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