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Sensible solution to apparatus mounting needs

Ohio-based company has Sensible Products has all types of mounting brackets for your fire truck requirements

If you are in the process of writing specs for a new piece of fire apparatus, you should include the way and means by which you will mount your tools and fittings in your compartments. Gone are the days of backing a new apparatus into your fire station and just throwing your equipment into the compartments.

Sensible Products, a company based out of Richfield, Ohio, has all types of mounting brackets that your apparatus needs. Sensible has a bracket designed for every compartment matched for every tool you own.

Why waste compartment space when you can systematically place your tools where you need them in a functional, space-saving area on your apparatus?

You can have their products help you in several ways: You can order what you need and have the installation done in-house by your mechanic, spec it so the apparatus manufacturer installs it directly at the factory, or have Sensible install their product and your tools and equipment compartment by compartment at their facility.

You can bring it yourself or have the apparatus manufacturer bring it to them. Either way you can have your new or existing vehicle outfitted with all of the tools and equipment, and put into service quickly and efficiently.

Besides the brackets and holders that are designed and installed by the company, they will also provide you with, if needed, engraved plates showing what equipment or tool is mounted.

Several different options of mounting configurations are available from Sensible; all it takes on your part if a bit of planning and preparation to end up with a fully functional apparatus.

Sensible Products has been producing cabinet organization products for the fire service since 1985. For more details, find them on the Web at www.senpro.net.

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