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Search for the Ideal Helmet Camera is Over

How many times have you or your officers wanted to review the actions on a call but had nothing to capture events as they happened? Perhaps you have some still photos captured by a nearby photographer but video of interior attacks or difficult extrications would be more valuable. The hunt is over thanks to TheFireStore.com and Fire Cam.  Check out both the Mini HD and Mini HD 2 Fire Helmet Cameras.

Coatesville, PA TheFireStore.com, the leading online source for firefighting professionals, can make every call into a training session, incident review, and investigation all at once with one of the smallest fire helmet cameras in the world. Choose from either the Mini HD or the Mini HD 2 cameras from Fire Cam.

These fire helmet cameras are SPECIFICALLY designed, NFPA compliant*, and are revolutionizing the fire service industry. The Fire Cam Mini HD and Fire Cam Mini HD 2 Fire Helmet Cameras each include a BJ004 BlackJack mount that is specifically designed for Fire Cam cameras. The cameras themselves are also intrinsically safe when the solid waterproof cap is utilized. Other accessories include 2 spare Li Ion rechargeable batteries, a USB cable, and battery charger. Both cameras weigh a mere 4 ounces.

Built of heat resistant anodized aluminum with a heat resistant glass lens, the cameras can take on temperatures upwards to 900F for short periods of time and are specifically designed to stand-up in interior firefighting. When used along with the waterproof cap the cameras are waterproof to a depth of 33 ft.  They are not recommended for concrete training towers or flashover chambers where it could sustain high temps for long periods of time.

With single button operation the Mini HD records in 720 HD at 30 fps. It can take 12MP photos also.  The Fire Cam MINI HD needs to use a CLASS 6 or CLASS 10 Micro SDHC card for the smoothest video.

The Mini HD 2 has 2 video modes. One is 720 HD at 60 FPS (for great slow motion slow down shots) and 1080 HD at 30 FPS. It also can take 12 MP photos. The HD 2 has single button operation when turning ON / OFF or RECORD, the camera also "vibrates" for a second to let you know it is on / off or recording.

These cameras are both manufactured by Fire Cam; a firefighter owned and operated business. Their fire helmet cameras are SPECIFICALLY designed, NFPA compliant, and are revolutionizing the fire service industry. They are valuable tools for training, incidents, critique, and fire investigations. Fire Cam is dedicated to making you satisfied with their product.

Both cameras are covered under the "Fire Cam Damage" warranty. If your cameras components get damaged in a fire, you are covered for a FREE replacement.  Just call or email them and let them know. Fire Cam is the ONLY Fire Helmet Camera manufacturer that offers this amazing deal. Any manufacturing defects are covered under warranty and can be exchanged within the warranty period.​​

*Along with the custom BlackJack mounts both cameras meets NFPA requirements provided that they are attached in a manner that does not impede or degrade the performance of the helmet to NFPA 1971­ 2000 structural performance requirements.

About TheFireStore.com and Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.
TheFireStore.com, a division of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc., offers product lines from more than 400 manufacturers. Witmer Public Safety Group's motto is Equipping Heroes™ and this continues as they extend their commitment to provide the industry's best equipment and supplies to the professional men and women who serve to ensure the public's safety. For additional information, please call (800) 852-6088 or visit TheFireStore.com.

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