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Fire Ambulances News & Articles
Responders were inside a home providing medical aid when the ambulance was stolen
Fire company officials said a man stole the ambulance that was parked in front of the fire station
In addition to the ABCDs, fire apparatus need to carry Class K extinguishers for residential and commercial response
The department is relying on mutual aid agreements to help respond to 911 calls
NFPA's ambulance standard will be updated later this year with input from several groups; a competing standard came out this summer
The “mini” is built to access rugged terrain in remote areas
The evidence says not using emergency lights and sirens should be the rule – and using them should be an infrequent exception
Answering these questions provides a blueprint for a quality process and product implementation into the EMS agency
One of the cabs participating in the protest also knocked a police officer to the ground
The chief says strain on responders is a growing problem, mainly caused by young people drinking
The middle-aged man is critically injured with life-threatening injuries
This free PDF from FireGrantsHelp and FireRescue1 will give you everything you need for this year's Assistance to Firefighters Grants program
The driver swerves and weaves across lanes into the ambulance's path; the driver confronted the ambulance in the middle of the road
For some fire departments, smaller is better when it comes to ambulances
The ambulance was returning to its station after a call and was not using its lights or sirens
This week, five of the county's 11 ambulances were out of order, several of them for ongoing issues
The state funds will allow for the purchase of new medical equipment for five ambulances
Fire officials were unable to produce documentation showing firefighters had been properly trained to use the equipment
The firefighter suffered a graze wound to the head as crews responded to a patient having trouble breathing
The former ambulance company employee was found walking on a nearby street after leaving the scene

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