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Wheeled Coach shows off new features; FDNY ambulance at FDIC

What's unique about the ambulance is that has four doors, built on a Dodge B4500 Quad Cab Chassis

By Erin Hicks
FR1 Staff

Ambulances can vary dramatically in design and technologically between departments. Ambulance manufacturer Wheeled Coach swears it can tackle even the most stringent requirements.

On display at FDIC this year was the new ambulance custom designed by Wheeled Coach for FDNY. What's unique about the ambulance is that has four doors, built on a Dodge B4500 Quad Cab Chassis.

Photo Wheeled Coach The 'cool-bar' is pictured.
Photo Wheeled Coach The 'cool-bar' is pictured.

It's proof that the company is able to meet a wide range of needs, according to Scott Barnes, VP Sales & Marketing. They showed off the FDNY ambulance at FDIC to highlight the fact the largest municipal ambulance provider in the world trusted them to manufacture their emergency vehicles.

"They run a tremendous number of calls and run at a harsh 24/7 cycle," Barnes said. "We're happy to have their business and their trust, and we were happy to show the truck off to illustrate that we could handle a variety of demanding requirements."

Barnes said they are the only customers who've asked for a quad Dodge cab chassis to date, but they could make the model for any client.

Also at the show this year, Wheeled Coach showed off a few new ambulance features, such as an anti microbial powder-coated aluminum interior, ducted air conditioning venting, and a "cool bar."

The all-aluminum interior cabinetry is treated with a powder coating for durability, and the anti microbial finish for cleanliness and hygiene. "Some think that the aluminum interior is longer lasting and more hygienic than a wood finish because they believe blood and other fluids can seep into the wood," Barnes said.

The cool bar sits on the outside of the air conditioning condenser in the front of the ambulance. Its purpose is to maximize air conditioning efficiency while still allowing warning lights to be placed in the front of the ambulance.

The ducted air conditioning vent is similar to an air conditioning vent you may find when in an airplane. The ducts are above the seating areas and above the patient in the stretcher areas. The new venting allows the medics to direct the air conditioning specifically to himself or the patient.

"It's another option for people and it gives them another thing to choose based off their needs," Barnes said.

Since its launch in 1979, Wheeled Coach has become the world's largest ambulance manufacturer. For more information, visit www.wheeledcoach.com.

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