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Work Boat on the Ways New World Record Class II Fireboat

MetalCraft Marine of Kingston, Ontario & Clayton, NY has just launched their first FireStorm 70 CBRNE fireboat for Jacksonville Fire Department.

Speed           41 knots fully loaded
L.O.A.           70' flush deck,
B.O.A.           22' 10"
Draft             42"
Pumps           4 x Hale 8 FKF pumps producing over 14,000 GPM @150 psi.
Monitors         1 x Remote Stang, 2 x remote Elkharts and 2 x manual Elkharts
Engine           Quad Caterpillar C18 @ 1015 HP
Jets               Quad Hamilton HJ403

The $4.8 million dollar boat is the 2nd NFPA 1925 (National Fire Protection Association) Class II vessel ever built. The first was a FireStorm 69 built for Tampa Fire/Rescue, FL one year ago. Class II vessels have complete redundancy for all ships systems as well as Stab-1 damaged stability (full flotation) and must pump over 10,000 GPM in order to class.

The FS 70 exceeds in this area with a world record 14,092 GPM at 150 PSI & 17,892 @ 120 PSI which could supply 12-17 fire trucks with shore line connections. The flow of water is so great it exceeds 1 ton of water per second.

The miracle in all of this is the boat hits top speeds of 41 knots with 4 x CAT C-18’s @1015 HP each & Hamilton 403 water jets.

Gearing for pumps and propulsion is by ZF gear of Germany. The main electronic monitors are roof mounted Stang 5500 GPM w/450 foot reach and 4 x Elkhart 2000 GPM deck monitors. The foam system can feed all discharges and has a quick change system for 55 gallon drums.

The boats camera/Flir system is by Ocean View and can be used on any of the different 19” screens. This system has split screen options as well as an uplink camera that can be viewed from head quarters or an aircraft to aid in SAR missions. The datalink system accepts the aircraft cameras as well as full radio frequencies. Ships electronics are Furuno 3-D system communications by Motorola ICOM & Piratecom. The wireless Piratecom can interface with up to 6 radios and cell phones and has wind and engine filters for perfect audio ability.

Detection equipment can detect interior and exterior CBRNE agents; the bridge is an air tight sealed compartment from the rest of the boat and provides front line defense for the Port and City of Jacksonville.

The hull structure is built to ABS & IACS standards and took 12 months to build.

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