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Fire Water Supply News & Articles
A compromised supply line is a compromised fire attack; this simple tool can keep the water flowing
Here's a look at seven tank options and which applications they best fit
This semi-pulled pumper system designed by a naval engineer redefined "big water"
A nozzle is one component in a water-delivery system; know the system and how each nozzle's attributes fit into it
The portable monitor can be pointed in virtually every direction
At triple the capacity of its former tender, the new rig will haul water across the 780-square-mile jurisdiction
A system that allows individuals to identify hydrants at night and from great distances
These unwieldy beasts make up a large percentage of apparatus crashes; follow these sound safety procedures to tame that beast and keep firefighters safe
The firefighter claims the company schemed him so they could sell or market the invention as their own; Elkhart Brass has not commented on the suit
It was another good year for the development of products that help make the job of firefighters safe, more effective and efficient
There were some incredibly innovative firefighting tools introduced this year and an equally incredible amount of work left to do on that front
Seal leaks with a one-size-fits-all stopper that can be installed from a 'safe' distance
Here's a bird's eye view of crews making progress against the massive wildfire
Getting water from a static source to an apparatus is a critical component of rural firefighting; here's the drafting equipment you'll need
Call it what you like, the most important thing a water transporter can do is function as it's needed — and that comes down to selecting the right vehicle
California-based Rescue 42 debuted the prototype for its Vault at this year's Fire Rescue International tradeshow in Denver. The unit is essentially a pull cart that is raised
Firefighters efforts in hotel fire were slowed by 3 area fire hydrants that were not working
America's oldest fire apparatus manufacturer examines its past and future
White gel-like substance is corn-based product that is biodegradable and nontoxic
This product for use at high-rise responses is a lightweight water delivery system

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