TFT’s New Ball Intake Valve with Parallel Shaft Takes Market by Storm

Task Force Tips’ new Parallel Shaft BIV Fits Water Delivery Needs

Valparaiso, IN --  In response to customer requests, TFT’s regular and Jumbo Ball Intake Valves (BIV) are now available with Parallel Shaft Drives –  making them an ideal fit for cramped pumper panels. 
“TFT’s BIV was already designed so the hand wheel could be mounted on the right or left side,” said Mike Mayer, TFT Technical Customer Service Manager. “But that didn’t help if there was another valve or component in the way.  The parallel shaft drive design was a perfect solution. The (top-mounted)  hand-wheel allows ease of use when space is at a premium.”

The component’s hand-crank arrives installed with a 2 5/8” swing, but may be switched to a 1 5/8” (if desired).  The unique position indicator on top of the BIV shows the operator if the valve is open, closed, or at some point in between.
“Most competitive intake valves are designed with gears that operate underwater, which causes significant corrosion and eventual problems in opening or closing the valve,” said Mayer. “TFT avoided that by developing a unique gear design that operates completely outside of the water passage. A number of people who’ve phoned our (24-hour) service line, mention that their BIV is as easy to turn as the first day they got it.”

TFT’s BIV with Parallel Shaft is available with a 3.65” waterway AB series with a maximum operating pressure of 250 psi, or in the Jumbo 5 ¼ inch jumbo AX series with a friction loss of 3 psi at 2000 gpm. Both sizes feature the 30 degree intake elbow that swivels 360 degrees for minimal kinks and coupling stress.

“In addition, TFT uses 316 stainless steel for all of the components on the valve’s wet side,” Mayer explained. “It’s an extra step we take to ensure the valve’s life, even under the harshest of conditions.”

TFT’s hard coating anodizing process has been moved in-house “which allows us the maximum coating control possible over our initial attack, apparatus, and OEM components,” Mayer explained. Following anodizing, the BIVs are powder-coated inside and out, completing TFT’s signature layered corrosion protection.

The polymer bearing rings used in hose coupling and truck connections help prevent galvanic corrosion by electrically isolating valve components, while the ¾” drain valve allows quick water drainage. The unit also include TFT’s new adjustable pressure relief valve that meets NFPA 1901 (2009 edition).

For more information on TFT’s regular or Jumbo BIV with Parallel Shaft Drive, visit or call toll free to (800) 348-2686.

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