Barricade International's New Fire Gel Technology Helps Fight Raging Fires In Greece

Greek military and fire service welcome Barricade's fire-protection gel to avoid further devastation

HOBE SOUND, FL - Bringing the latest in firefighting technology, Barricade International Inc., producers of the only liquid fire gel concentrate approved for use by the U.S. Forest Service that is completely free of the toxic chemicals, known as nonylphenol e thoxylates (NPEs) and petroleum distillates, recently traveled to Athens and Tripoli, Greece to aid in controlling intense fires fed by elevated winds and continued high temperatures. Arriving at the Athens airport, Barricade firefighters were greeted by General Athanasios Kotsias of the Athens Fire Department, and immediately began making the necessary arrangements to train Greek firefighters and military personnel in the application of Barricade Fire Blocking Gel for use in aircraft and helicopters, as well as how to coat and protect structures in the path of approaching fires. "We are excited to bring our new Fire Gel technology to Greece and how it will allow their brave firefighters to battle these horrendous fires more effectively and safely," said John Bartlett, Florida firefighter and President of Barricade International. "We are dedicated to saving lives and our collaborative efforts have helped us to do so worldwide."

Barricade has matched more than $50, 000 in contributions made by United States citizens, and with the help of Continental Airlines and FedEx, the Fire Blocking Gel was transported to Greece and is now available to prevent further fire damage.

"We are thankful for the outstanding efforts of everyone involved," Bartlett said. "Especially Kathy Christie Dasigenis, Roula Priovolos Christie and Maria Priovolos Christie, the three Greek/American sisters who started the donation fund which has enabled us to get our product to Greece"

Barricade delivered Barricade II Home Defense Systems to additional Fire Departments for distribution to areas of high risk and gave the Athens Fire Department a demonstration on how the product can also be used as a fire protection and suppression system on their fire engines.

To make a contribution to the fund or to learn more about Barricade International, please call (800) 201-3927 or visit".

About Barricade International, Inc.
Barricade was founded in 1994 by veteran Florida firefighter, John Bartlett, after he observed that a disposable baby diaper did not burn during a routine trash fire. The same superabsorbent polymer chemicals that soak up and hold water in baby diapers are now used to save homes and property from wildfires. Barricade Fire Gel holds United States and International patents, and can be used by firefighters and homeowners to safely reduce losses from uncontrolled forest fires. Since it was first tested and proven during the Florida firestorms in the summer of 1998, it has been credited with saving hundreds of homes across the United States alone. Barricade International manufactures the only liquid fire gel that has been approved for use by the U.S. Forest Service that is completely free of the toxic chemicals, known as nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and petroleum distillates.

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