Centri Air Precleaners Increase Engine Life, Save Money, and do not add to your Restriction Level

Most air intake systems on today’s medium and heavy-duty equipment come from the factory equipped with either an air inlet cap, or a dust bowl precleaner.

These are installed on the air intake pipe, which usually comes up through the hood of the equipment. Because both the cap and dust bowl change the direction of airflow, and do not allow for straight intake of the air they add restriction to the air intake system. This is not a major concern however, since these restriction levels are calculated by the factory engineers during design, and are included in the total restriction level, usually less than 10 inches of H2O, of the entire air filtration system.

The air inlet cap is designed to keep large debris and moisture from being pulled into the air filter. As for the dust bowl, it is meant to swirl the air in a tornado like manner and allow the large contaminants to be left in the bowl before they reach the filter.

A question we get asked on a routine basis by CENTRI end users is, "Will the CENTRI Precleaner add restriction to my air intake system when I replace my air inlet cap or dust bowl?"

The answer in short is, "No, CENTRI will not add to your current initial restriction level!"

We are proud of the fact that CENTRI Precleaners will not add to the factory engineered restriction levels when installed in place of the air inlet cap or dust bowls. We are the only manufacturers of bottom intake centrifugal precleaners who can make that statement today.

Most plastic centrifugal precleaners on the market today have too much added restriction, and cannot be added in the aftermarket because the initial restriction level will exceed the manufacturers recommended levels of 10 inches of H20. They can only be added if modifications are made to the entire filter system.

Restriction testing (see chart below) shows that CENTRI does not add restriction. In some tests, CENTRI actually lowered the initial restriction level when it was used in place of certain styles of inlet caps and dust bowls.

In recent editions of the DRM Diversafab PRESS we have had several articles comparing the CENTRI Air Precleaner to the plastic precleaners from Enginaire & Sy-Klone™. These articles proved that CENTRI has up to 60% less restriction. We have also shown the short payback time, usually less than six months, when CENTRI is used instead of the dust bowl type of precleaner.

When you put all of this together, CENTRI is the best choice for your customers today. No other precleaner system has the TOTAL PACKAGE of benefits that CENTRI provides:

• High Efficiency
• Longer Filter Life
• Quick Payback
• Compatibility with all Filter Systems
• Lifetime Warranty

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