Introducing new PowerFlare PF-200 Electronic LED Safety Light by a police officer, the new PowerFlare PF-200 Electronic LED Safety Light is an essential piece of equipment for police, firefighters, EMTs, rescue first responders, and members of emergency response teams.

The PowerFlare is a simple, rugged, military-grade device designed to out perform and replace incendiary flares. Each hockey puck sized PowerFlare features the latest LED technology to create 10 mile 360 degree visibility perfect for applications ranging from traffic control to tactical.

Why PowerFlare?

PowerFlares are more durable: PowerFlares perform better then flares when deployed in roadside conditions. They can be run over by vehicles, deployed in any weather condition, deployed in water (and float), deployed in Haz-Mat conditions, and can withstand hot or freezing temperatures.

PowerFlares save your department money: Reusable and rechargeable; a six pack of rechargeable PowerFlares pay for themselves in under 18 hours of use. Best of all, once you purchase a set of PowerFlares for a vehicle you’ll never have to buy any more.

PowerFlares are safer than regular flares: PowerFlares are safe and non-toxic. Have you ever have your uniform pants, shirt or boots damaged by a flare? Ever accidently inhaled the noxious fumes? The PowerFlare eliminates the fire and toxic fume hazards from traditional flares while providing 360 degree coverage. PowerFlares can be deployed in fuel and hazardous materials without risk of combustion.

LED colors for any application: PowerFlares come in 3 different shell colors (red, yellow, green) and 7 different LED colors (red, amber, blue, green, blue/red, white or infrared). Their shells and LEDs are fully customizable for any application your organization requires.

PowerFlare Law Enforcement Applications

• Accident Investigation
• DUI Checkpoints
• Motorcycle and Bicycle Patrol
• Road Closers
• Search
• Canine and Mounted Units
• Helicopter Landing Zones
• >NVG Illuminator
• Safety Zones
• Special Events
• Tactical
• Marine Operations
• Rescue Signal (extraction)
• Stakeouts
• Traffic Control

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