Obenauf's Leather Preservative Keeps Firefighting Boots in Great Shape

Obenauf's LP was created when Marv Obenauf, an Idaho wildland firefighter, noticed his boots were not lasting as long as they had years ago. Curious, he conducted extensive research to determine why. With the help of several boot companies and leather tanneries, he discovered two reasons: caustic fire-retardant chemicals, mold, mildew and bacteria naturally attack leather; there's not much anyone can do to change that. But Marv also found that premature failure of boot leather is due to the use of petroleum oils and paraffin to soften and seal the leather, as opposed to natural oils and waxes. Petroleum and paraffin can shorten the life of leather and cause premature cracking; they do not resist the chemicals wildland firefighters' boots often come in contact with.

Marv's solution: He took an old formula that used natural oils to restore the leather and true beeswax to waterproof, and he added tree resins to make the leather resistant to scuffing, chemicals and mold. It's all-natural and provides proper protection for the rigorous conditions encountered by wildland firefighters.

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