Storm King Mountain™ Offers the V-Watch™ Fire, a Personal AC Voltage Detector

CAMARILLO, CA - The V-Watch™ Fire is a personal AC voltage detector that provides a warning in the presence of electrical fields surrounding electrical equipment. Designed to be worn on the outside of firefighting clothing and web gear, the V-Watch™ Fire provides an extra level of safety for firefighters working around electrical power lines and other energized AC electrical equipment.

The V-Watch™ Fire voltage detector comes in a specially designed carrying case to adapt it to a variety of firefighting web gear, back packs, SCBA’s and personal protective equipment. The carrying case is padded with shock absorbing foam to protect the detector from abuse, wear and tear.

• Audible and visual alarms increase in frequency as you approach
• Nomex™ protective carrying pouch resists flames, provides drop and water protection
• Built-in self test system checks circuit, audible beeper and visual warning light
• Warning mute button turns off beeper for 5 minutes when pressed
• Rugged, compact plastic housing
• 9V field replaceable battery
• Low battery warning indication
• Always on and checking when exposed

• Alerts the firefighter to the proximity of AC high voltage electrical fields
• Increases the safety of accidental contact with power

For safety information, product specifications, and purchasing information, visit Storm King's website at

About Storm King Mountain™ Technologies
Named after the mountain in Colorado where fourteen firefighters died in a burnover in 1994, Storm King Mountain™ Technologies has been a leader in developing innovative products to protect firefighters in wildfires. The founder of Storm King Mountain Technologies, Jim Roth, who lost a brother in the Colorado fire, has the goal to make the best in protective equipment for firefighters so that when training, tactics and safety procedures fail, a firefighter has a fighting chance of survival. Storm King Mountain™ provides fire barrier curtains, enclosures, and fire wrap-lagging products for firefighting agencies throughout the world.

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