The Newton Suction Strainer from A.H. Stock Helps Rural Firefighters Access Remote Water Sources

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Introducing the new Newton Suction Strainer from A.H. Stock

This new suction strainer was designed by rural firefighters for rural firefighters, and is made out of lightweight aluminum. The Newton Suction Strainer is available in 5 or 6 inch threaded, Storz or cam lock.

Features include:

• Over-sized strainer area to prevent plugging

• Low level suction to 4"

• Jet siphon from tank to tank

• Makes it easy to access remote water sources

About A.H. Stock
A.H. Stock Manufacturing is a builder and fabricator of metal products for a variety of industries. We manufacture various components for several Midwestern OEM manufacturers involved in heavy lifting equipment, large tooling centers and fabricating equipment among others. A.H. Stock has become a full service provider for all of your metal fabrication needs from raw materials to complete assemblies with high quality finish paint applied ready for installation. Visit A.H. Stock online at, or request information here.


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